Menu Armor: Full color, waterproof, tear and stain resistant restaurant menus

Posted by Administrator on 3/11/2012
Now Available: Menu Armor! New full color restaurant menu printing option that is tear and stain resistant, waterproof  and very durable.

Excellent choice for restaurant menus (no lamination needed), emergency service cards or anything needing extra durability. A great alternative to high cost, high minimum plastic menu printing.

This full color printing option will be available in many sizes and will have a 12mil (very comparable to the weight and thickness of 12pt card stock) and 7.5mil (best to use when the sheet needs to be folded).

This material is a unique and classy way to have your menus last through spills, rough handling and those dreaded drink rings.

Max sheet size is 12x18, so if you want bleed, design at 11.5 x 17.5 with an 1/8" of bleed.

Restaurants across Metro Detroit and the U.S.A. have been adopting Menu Armor for their restaurant menus. Instead of going through dozens of paper or card stock menus per week from tears, drink spills or just wearing out, Menu Armor has a much longer life span and also has a unique feel and elegance.

No more clunky menu jackets that trap food crumbs and no lamination needed for Menu Armor. Just a flat sheet that is water, tear and stain resistant! A great choice for unique restaurant menus.