Properly designed and printed full color business card... No substitution!

Posted by Administrator on 6/19/2011
There simply is no substitution for a properly designed and printed full color business card. From a young age people learn that every legitimate businessperson should carry with them a handful of professional business cards that represent who they are and what they do.

The most charismatic salesperson in the world is rendered completely useless if potential clients can’t remember how to get in touch with them. Furthermore, in today’s economic climate, competition has never been so fierce and your potential clients are more than likely seeking quotes from numerous sources.

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression is with a well-designed, high quality business card. A great business card not only makes a great first impression, but also speaks for you once the meeting is over.

You can never have too many business cards, or more specifically, you can never hand out too many. You can expect a 2.5 percent increase in sales for every 2,000 business cards you hand out, according to various studies. That’s why it’s important to choose your printer carefully and find the proper balance of high-quality print production as well as affordable prices. You get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean you should pay an arm and a leg for overly complicated cards. Remember that business cards, as well as other printed promotional material, are all about volume.

Another interesting statistic to keep in mind is that people keep a business color card 10 times longer than standard ones. Use this to your advantage– offers full color printing on both sides for the same price as plain cards, so let your graphic design and creativity run wild. Full color graphics, and even beautiful, bright, high-definition photographs are no problem for modern printing presses, so there are almost no limits to what you can include on your card. With your choice of two fantastic outings, aqueous (light gloss) and UV (high gloss) you can achieve many different vibes with your cards.

It’s proven that well-designed business cards bring in more business.

As mentioned before, your business card speaks for you long after your meeting is over. It’s safe to assume that your clients have dozens of business cards floating around their office from various salespeople– some of which are probably your competitors. One of the best ways you can make sure to stand out from the crowd is by having the best-looking, most eye-catching card possible.

Some suggested elements to have on your business card: Comany logo, all necessary contact info (phone number, cell number, fax, mailing address, email address and web site address)

Some people prefer to leave the back of their business card blank to have the freedom/option to hand write notes, estimates or quotes. Others prefer to have some sort of enticing offer or special to encourage a potential customer to get in touch.

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