Letterhead and Stationery Printing: Impressions, Importance & Graphic Design Tips

Posted by Administrator on 8/1/2011

Successful business is all about communication. A memorable, full-color, custom business card is often the first step to establishing a business relationship. Many times a follow up letter is sent to your new contact in an effort to continue the communication. 

In a day and age where anyone can register a web domain and use a custom email address and website to represent their business, a real dividing line in portraying the credibility and financial stability of your business is custom letterhead and the real life sensation people receive from a printed letter on your company's letterhead. 

A professional letterhead speaks to your clients before they even read a word on the page. Custom letterhead means business, plain and simple. 

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when contemplating your new letterhead design


Be sure to consider the color of the background and the inks being used. In most cases, the body text area of a letterhead is white. Light backgrounds with high contrast, dark inks on top of them make your text easy to read, especially for those with impaired vision. Usually it is best to avoid dark backgrounds, but in some instances especially bright or unique designs can work for businesses reaching out to specific demographics

Its important not to feel confined, however, to using only black ink. Most neutral, dark colors work just fine on any light background. Dark grays or even brown can read very easily while helping to establish your brand identity. Even a darker green or red can be used to your advantage in making your letterhead especially unique. 

Don't forget copying, facing and printing!

Always make great consideration for how your letterhead will be used. Its highly likely that your letterhead will be used to create photocopies or sent through a fax machine. Without a clean, high contrast design and color scheme, your documents are likely to come out as a mess of illegible, dark masses at the other end of the machine. 


The typeface, or font, is a key component to any design.  It is incredibly important to balance your unique brand identity with readability. Consistency in your font usage across all of your company's printed materials is also an important detail in defining your brand. In some cases, it might be acceptable to use more than one font in the same design, but you'll need to be sure they complement each other. In most cases, the use of one serifed font complementing a sans-serif font is considered a modern standard. 

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